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Default Re: Son's '73 ghia - a distraction

So the past six months have not gone as planned, but I am slowly getting some things done.

I have spent the past couple of months moving my ex girl friend out of my house. She bought a house that needed some fixing before she could move in. I really wanted my house back, so I had a pretty long list of things to do for her "new" house.

This weekend I finally got around to getting the shifter mounted and the pedals. I felt like a dumbass for an hour or so when the pedals wouldn't stay up. Had to go look at the pedals from another bug to see what the problem was.

Turns out that the new replacement pans don't have the "pedal stop" installed. So, I had to get one of those to put in...viola...problem solved.

Pushed the chassis under the body and then finally cleaned up the garage now that I had some room to move around in.

No pictures, nothing really exciting to look at. I am just happy that I am one step closer. Next weekend I hope to have a BBQ and get a bunch of friends over to put the body back on the pan. Then I will be ready to paint.

For you fellow Volksrodders up in Tucson...if you want a steak for some cheap labor, come on down! I am just down the road a bit (3 miles from the border).

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