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Default Re: Effigy's history

Had an interesting event yesterday.. spent about 75 minutes in traffic to travel 11 miles home, I got off the freeway, and was halfway to the first red light when my engine died. Guy in front of me helped me push it to the shoulder (I was in the left lane..) because it wouldn't restart immediately..

I've got oil, got fuel pressure in the line so I knew I had gas (gauge isn't really reliable anymore..), it's cranking over fine, but not starting.

I figured sitting in 95* heat and not going anywhere for an hour, maybe I overheated, so I decide to sit and wait for a bit..

wouldn't restart after a while of waiting, numerous cars had stopped to ask if I needed help, I waved em all away, but one guy insisted on getting out and looking.. turned out he works on Chinooks for the Army and is an electrician. He was on his way to an auto parts store to buy a new water pump for his car.

We start poking and prodding at shit, pull a plug wire, no spark. pull the coil wire, no spark. puts a DMM on the coil leads, no voltage. Then he spots the fuse I forgot I installed. I had blown the 25 amp fuse feeding power into my ignition box

He popped the distributor cap off and noticed a bit of corrosion on the contact points and the rotor and starts scraping it all clear with a wire brush while I'm going through my glovebox and tool box for extra fuses. I have no extras, but I remember I used the same fuses to wire in my fuel pump and my powerpoints, so I yank the fuse from the powerpoints, swap it out and i'm up and running again!

Who knows how long I would have been troubleshooting before noticing that fuse! So glad he was there to help

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