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Default Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by tequilla View Post
I hate to tell you this Matt but it's not going to work.........

Just pack it up and mail it to me and I will get rid of it for you

haha, fuck off Joel!

Actually, I just lookd again, and lengthwise I should have almost a perfect amount of wire, just the connectors are in inconvenient places..

I've got a board in the bottom of my "trunk" to cover the hole created by hacking the front end off.. so I'm going to mount the ballast under it with the capacitor box thing, that way they'll get cool air from the road and be protected by the fiberglass front end..

I just have to buy some bigger grommets (biggest I have are for 1" holes I think..) and a hole drill so I can make it look a tiny bit cleaner..

Current wiring:

Probably use a 2" hole drill here:

Wiring harness:

the top connector is actually two seperate ones, I think I MIGHT have enough length to push them through the grommet so they will connect under my trunk instead of outside.. that way it will just have the thinner wires visible and I can spiral wrap those..

oh, also going to use a 1" hole drill on the back of the buckets so the wires exit straight out instead of through the bottom of the bucket like they do now..

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