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Default Re: Effigy's history

got em installed.. took maybe an hour, and most of that was spent cleaning out the trunk, and looking for tools..

I intended to take more pictures, but you know how it goes.. you start working and forget to stop to take a pic..

I also did the poser thing and put electrical tape X's on em.. :P

a 1" hole saw bit got me a hole int he buckets, this is the passenger side, driver's side is also inboard..

Driver's side ballast and resistor:

Passenger side ballast and resistor:

The strip of tape in the middle of my grill was used to hold the ring together after I pulled the screw out to fit it around the bulb and bucket..

They weren't aimed at this point, but they do light up:

For the first time since Rob put welded those buckets on my beam in 2007, they have been aimed :P

I used the back wall of my garage which was about 15-20" away and put em just under my workbench (about 2.5" off the ground), so maybe now I'll actually be able to see at night when there are no streetlights around :P

On a side note.. I had ordered 5000K lights, but ACN sent me 8000K.. I don't want to deal with return shipping, and lately, John's been kind of a dick.. I hate that blue tint, I wanted straight white, but oh well..

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