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Default Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by metalmaster1766 View Post
I have the cheapest set of dual carbs made, they were on the car when I got it, I sync them myself with one of those cheap carn sybcing deals, I think I paid $20 for it, they run rich, it needs jets to lean it out, but I would rather it be rich so it doesn't over heat in the summer, it starts right up when it's cold, after it's been running a while & I go to start it I hafta push the peal to the floor crank it for about 10 to 15 seconds before it fires up, but it does start, like I said it runs rich, you can see that from the end of the tail pipe being black & sooty, I haven't sync the carbs since I put the engine in 14 months ago & a few thousand miles

This particular set of carbs was bought brand new in 2002, they ran great on this engine until I cracked a head in 2008 due to a shitty exhaust..

I know they can run great again, but back then, the engine was a plain-jane 1776 with 009 distributor and points and whatnot.. now it's got full MSD ignition, higher compression ratio and bigger exhaust. Once I get it dialed in, I know it'll be fine, it's just the dialing in process that is painful.

Everyone trash talks Webers because they don't understand them, I only partially understand them, that's why I can get it running, just not running perfectly. If you know what you're doing, Webers are awesome.. someday I'll know what I'm doing :P

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