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Default Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by metalmaster1766 View Post
How are you setting the timing?

I usually set mine using a test light, then a timing light & set it so it's at 28 to 30 degrees max advanced, lock it down & that's it

I took it for a short drive today, runs strong as can be, only the 3ed time this year, my knees are so swollen I can barely get in & out of it, I do need to adjust the valves & check the timing & change the oil now that spring is here

Good luck, I hope you get the bugs worked out of it

I'm using a digital timing light so can see the exact rpms and degrees on the gun itself..

This week has been shit. Crazy busy at work and my primary hard drive took a shit monday, i'm hoping to have time to reformat it and reinstall windows this weekend..

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