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Default Re: Effigy's history

god damnit, haha why do I keep fucking with shit?

So I found a shop in Virginia Beach (The Bug House) and went and visited them today.. Think I'm gonna rent a small pick up and tow the bug there monday since I have the day off. I'm tired of constantly tweaking shit, I just want it reliable like it was about a decade ago..

In the meantime, i went out in the garage today, got it to fire up and run, running rough though, so at least I'm not bringing them a "non-starter".. decided to swap out my front turn signals while I was out there.

Was previously running little motorcycle turn signals that had bulbs in them. Bought some nifty little skull turn signals with LEDs.. swapped em out, didn't work, then I remembered that with LEDs you need a diode to prevent the current from backtracking the system. So I went and bought a couple of diodes and wired them in on the positive wire.. still no worky. Shit.

Right now my brake lights work fine, but no turns and no emergency flashers. When I use the turns, whichever side I'm switching on kills that side tail light.

But headlights work, tail ligts work and brake lights work, so fuck it, i'm back to hand signals until I get it sorted out.

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