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Default Re: Effigy's history

Yeah, I'm leaning more and more towards getting the 2276 built..

started trying to list things this morning:

Have New:
AS41 Case - 94mm holes, clearanced for stroke, fully drilled and tapped for full flow oil
Steve Tims Stage II Heads
4340 82mm CW Crankshaft
12lb Flywheel
Dual Weber 48IDFs
26mm oil pump
deep sump

Have from the 1776:
external oil filter/cooler
90amp Alternator
MSD 6AL Ignition
MSD Distributor
MSD Coil
most cooling tin (fan shroud, cynlider heads, things under and between the cylinders)
Jaycee oil cooler block off, fuel pump block off, springloaded pushrod tubes, and magnetic sump plate
Sync Link throttle linkage

Need to buy:
cam gear

P&Cs (VW9400T1SJE) $390 (ACN)
ConRods $300 (ACN)
4340 Forged Chromoly H-beam, ARP Rod bolts, balanced
Cam $100 (ACN)
Thinking FK89, but not sure
Pauter 1.4 Roller Rockers $500 (CB)
Manton Chromoly Dual Tapered $170 (ACN)
MAYBE Udo Becker lifters $400 (ACN)

I'm sure there's a lot fo nickel and dime things i didn't write here, like I have a $30 hardware bag that should have all the nuts and bolts for the brand new case, but I'll probably be buying new pushrod and sump plate seals (magnetic plate uses o-rings..) etc..

all in all, i think it might be almost the same amount of money to fix the 1776 as it would be to finish the 2276..

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