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Default Re: Effigy's history

So it's been a busy ass month or so...

They pulled the one head, found no damage at all, put it back together and it was fine. Replaced my MSD plug wires with Flamethrower 8mm wires because apparently my plug wire on #3 was bad..

And I didn't realize until I was halfway home that they broke my windshield.

I didn't feel like arguing about whether it broke in their custody or while I was driving, so I said fuck it and just went home.. It's had a massive crack since like 2006 anyway, so it's been needing a replacement..

Wife and I decided that we'd rather pay a mortage than continue paying $1400/mo rent.. so we set out to buy a house and try and keep the mortage under a grand.. wound up finding a house we both love that's going to run about $1450/mo with taxes and insurance... so much for saving money, lol.

We should be closing on it on the 30th.

She's in the hopsital right now for a surgery, should be home sunday or monday. Everything went well and she's recuperating fine.

I took three weeks of leave to care for her while she recuperates before we were looking for a house, so now I may wind up convienently on leave and moving by myself since she won't be able to help :P

Car has been running ok. it's rough when it first starts, but once it's warmed up it's not bad, still pops a bit occassionally, but it's significantly better than it was on 3 cylinders :P

Now I'm off to go have lunch with my coworkers, one is detaching today and getting stationed in Japan, so we're having a going away luncheon..

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