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Default Re: tattooed_pariah's neverending project :P

Today I spent some time at the Auto Hobby Shop on base.. went there with the intentions of changing all four shocks...

Lately I've been in the habit of checking the three header to muffler bolts every couple of days, because as you will see in the pics below, the muffler is currently rubbing on one of the brakes.. well, last time i checked em was a couple of days ago.. i throw my car on the lift and hoist her up to find that I had ONE loose bolt holding my muffler on... haha, thank god it didn't drop, not because i'm concerned for it's safety, but i can imagine the havok it might have wreaked on the tire, the heater box, the fender and any cars behind me...

I'll be replacing the header and muffler soon so i just scavenged a couple of 1/2 inch nuts and bolts and threw them in there for now..

all the shocks came off easily enough, and the brand new KYB GR-2 rears went on easy... as for the fronts.... Rob, I gotta say I feel sorry for Tiffany if everything you give out is two or three inches short... hahaha, i'm starting to wonder if my car is generic or something and not a real VW lol.

I pulled off the old shocks, attached the top to the shock tower, and there was about between 4 and 6 inches from the hole in the bottom of the shock to the bolt it needs to connect to.. I figured, "maybe the beam is just pulling away or gravity is doing something or whatever.." so i drop the car back down and with it sitting on the ground with no shock support, it was still at least 2 inches shy of being able to connect.. the GR-2's Rob gave me, when fully extended, are the same height as my old shocks are when they are fully compressed...

Can't talk too much shit though, Rob was kind enough to give me new shocks, i do appreciate it and everything else you an Cobey did man!

anywho, on to the pictures...

I didn't take as many as I should have, but here it is just before I started working..

here's the passenger side rear shock in place..

if you look carefully you can see the rub mark on the exhaust tubing.. more pics of that below..

first though.. heck out the difference new shocks make..

i can actually fit my fingers between my tire and fenders now!!

back to that rub marking...

when it was on the ground, with the old shocks, the muffler was actually getting shoved under the brake mount there, which is what i think is making it rattle loose so often, it just keeps scraping..
but that rub mark isn't nearly as bad as what it did to the poor heater box...

ouch! doesn't affect much though since there's no accordion tube hooking the passenger side to the inside of the car..

and here's the back of my brake..

i was bored and had photo shop open so i squared the ares it's been scraping.. and before anyone get's concerned and writes me, i did move the brake line away from it so it's no longer scraping that at least..

that's about it for now though, when I get the extra cash, i'll be buying a new header and dual glass pack street exhaust haha, i'm gonna be "that" guy with the noisy ass car :D

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