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well Yellow everybody
time for another update..
at the end of the summer i kicked everything out of the bug and started all new..
i now have just 74 days to go and then the car has to be finished to put on Dreamcar again..
this is what happend from then till now in pics (dont want to write a lot today
so i kicked everything out and made a new base to work on

the bottoms of the three wooferboxes made and in place
al dimensions calculated for maximum bass reflex

the box for the 38cm woofer finished and in place

Two wierd shaped boxes made for 2 30cm woofers..

and all toghetter it looks like this..

covers for the two boxes on the sides

and some more room for full range speakers and tweeters

made a new board for the trunk

to fit some amps and stuff

and one box is already completly finished

i also did some cutting put it's never gonna be ready in time for Dreamcar, gonna put some plexiglass in it to show off the amps

the other side is finished to now i still need to cut the negative of the flames finish it, sand it, make the plexi window bend and fit, paint it,... no way it's gonna be ready on time..

so this is where i'm at right now, i'll try to keep you updated regulary..

let me know what you think discussion at
trying to build a belgian VROD;
driving the YelLowBug;

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