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Default Re: tattooed_pariah's neverending project :P

Well, today the Craparo went to the shop, made it most of the way there before dying, but it was downhill to their parking lot so i just coasted into a spot.

Fucking thing won't start now, so instead of getting a $35 oil change with inspection. I'm doing a $131 oil change with inspection PLUS diagnostic to find out why it won't start.

I'm supposed to go out with some broad tonight so I kinda need a running car, so I decided to redo the fuel lines on the bug.

Also in the pics, you can see the fire damage, turns out my earlier assesment of no visible signs of a fire was incorrect, it just took a couple of days for them to surface..
Here's the pics:

Old line

New contraption.

In place.

Nice and easily accessible with a beam extender :P

New hoses going to/from the pump as well

After finishing that up and letting it sit for about 30 minutes to air out the garage and let the spilled gas dry, I rolled it out onto the driveway (that way if it did catch again, the garage wouldn't catch too.. ) and tried starting her.

I guess my starter in the bug is dead too cause it doesn't even click out the pinion gear when you turn the key.

Now I have two cars with dead starters, friggin great.

Once I finish paying off getting the Craparo running, I guess i'll have to yank the starter and get it replaced too.
oh well, at least my fuel lines should be good now.

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