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Default Re: tattooed_pariah's neverending project :P

Well, I finally pried myself out of bed and way from the Challenger long enough to spend some time with my baby today..

put the rear on jack stands so I could roll the creeper under her. touched the pos and neg terminals on the starter solenoid with a screwdriver, it sparked but still no pinion gear clicking. so I disconnected the battery, took pics of the way the wires are plugged in, and yanked the starter.

Brought it down to Napa for a bench test and low and behold, I was right, starter is completely shot.

Hopefully, once I get a replacement, I can make the appointment again to have the exhaust flanges welded in and then I can drive her again. But fornow, I'm not spending much money as I want to make sure I don't miss any payments.

Did some quick pricing on line though and it looks like the average price for a high torque starter is about $200, hopefully I can pick one of those up sometime next month..

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