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Default Re: Old Volksrod projects

Originally Posted by OB'S Customs View Post

I like to way the top is done on that car above, I've been wanting to chop a few inches out of my top, but, after seeing this picture again, I may hafta rethink & do something similar to the top on my V-Rod

Plus I hope to get back to work on my V8 Bug aka the "BitchN Bug" real soon, I stopped working on it when my welder broke, since then I got the V-Rod which is my daily driver, I spent the 1st 5 months getting it drivable, & spent another year driving it & keeping it drivable, after I finish the V-Rod's top I'm a get back to the BitchN Bug

Then again who knows what's next, I just do what needs to be done, & the time in between I just play with whatever I feel like playing with, most free time is spent out in my garage, & there's plenty to keep me busy out there

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