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Default 1937 Volkster convertible
Re:: Getting started   

Today started acquiring the necessary 1937 Ford Coupe parts. Picked up both front fenders, inner fenders, headlight buckets, hood side panels, running boards, dash, front bumper and brackets and one rear fender. Still need a hood, grill and coupe rear fenders. Apparently the coupe and sedan rear fenders differ but it was cheap enough.

The front end will need a slight extension to get the front fenders mounted. Thinking 8"? Haven't even started measuring. The fenders have their typical tears, dings and dents. Considering their age, I'm rather pleased with the condition. Nothing that can't be welded or beaten.

Next up, getting the donor car. At the coming PIR bug-in, hope to find a convertible body or vert doors and windshield frame to graft on the '67. Going to sell off the bins of vw parts including two original roof racks, set of wheels and tires and other misc. items. Maybe recoup a little of my today's spending?

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