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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

The truck has been shipped to Hawaii. ALOHA!!

On the way home, picked up the donor, a '67 with a strong 1776 and dual Webers. Bagged in the rear with air shocks up front on a 3" narrowed beam with 2-1/2" dropped spindles. Front and back dumps, no side-to-side but it works great.

Layed out the fenders and running boards to start pulling measurements. Looks like a 10" extender is my next purchase. "Mundo" has one he is going to let me borrow until I place an order for mine, so that will help me get a little closer to the '37 wheel base.

Sold off a number of parts at PIR. Next weekend, the bug and parts will be heading out to the family farm for disassembly, cutting off the roof, and front and rear clips.
Still sourcing a super beetle front windshield cowl, vert doors, and window frame. Thinking of using a Ghia vert top frame? More to come...

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