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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Worked on the front fender supports and mounting points. Have another suport to fab across the front still to design along with the outer edge fender supports. A pretty basic square tubing system with some flat steel with bolt holes. The front edge of the frame is raised 3" above the beam mounts. There is a lower tube that attaches to the top mounting bolt holes on the bug beam. Now I have clearance for steering. Eventually, the entire front compartment will get removeable panels attached to the sides and bottom to give me a storage compartment.

Pretty simple.
Also picked up the '37 front cowl section. This piece has seen better days, but the curvature of the leading edge where the hood attaches is solid. I'll trim and tack weld it to the hood and then fill the gap between. Should be able to get that done this evening.

The old pop up air intake will be filled.

More to go!
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