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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Cleaned up and cut down the Ford hood cowl and attached to the hood so in the future, I know the hood will line up with the cowl. Also cut out the bug cowl to use on the rear. A small gap to fill.

So to find the proper placement of the cowl, had to go to the front and cut down the grill. Took out 4 precious bars and re-attached the top so the curve lined up with the hood. Tacked the hood to the grill for alignment. Now looking at the cowl as it lines up with the old wiper holes, the entire hood needs to shift to the left. This would explain why I have a half inch difference in my fender measurements!!

Eyeballed the bodyline down the side and figured it was close enough to start on the filler side panels. They too needed cutting. Made some good progress on the passenger side.

The slice on the side is the top lip I need to retain for the hood to rest on and the lower section was needed to follow the arch of the fender. The rear of the hood side and what remains of the front quarter panel, will need replaced just in front of the drip rail on the body.

Before anything get welded, need to make a few measurements to make sure the front end is completely square to the body. Then bolt the inner structure to the fenders, adjust the hood and start welding the cowl back together. From the above angle, it looks like the grill will need to come down a smidge more. Then the hood will follow, then the side panels can be welded together, then the cowl can be filled, followed by the front quarter panels. Will need a final alignment of the entire front end but that was expected. That's all for today.
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