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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Spent some time working on the cowl only after cutting down the grill another 2 bars. Then trimmed and fitted the hood side panels. ...made a few measurements and started attaching the cowl. The side panels don't look to fit perfect at the front, but there is plenty of adjustment and I will need to re-shape the front edge of the side panels to follow the change in the now shorter grill. The little stuff I'll come back to once I'm done with the major fitment.

The other side panel:

The hood lined up:

And the cowl almost fully welded. Still have tabs holding the hood to the cowl section. Almost ready to cut the cowls and pull the hood off to figure out the hinge situation.

What's hard to see is the slight flare from the bug cowl to the '37 hood cowl. Once I start in on the lower front quarter panels, it should transition just fine. Those should be fun!
But everything else is lining up good considering.

Will sneak in a few more hours in this week. Stay tuned!

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