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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Not a lot of time to work on the Volkster but managed to start the rear decklid. The vent cowl and frame came off a mid to late 70's/80 dodge van.

After narrowing, I cut out the rear sheetmetal deck and centered it with a few tacks. The cool thing is the decklid will have a slight peak in the center giving it a slight bodyline down the length of the decklid...still to be designed.

The vents are a detachable panel. It is not screwed down so it looks a little sloppy at this point and the alignment is off.

But I now have a hinged rear decklid.
Side note, the area between the decklid and the rear of the convertible curved edge, I will be creating another access panel or "hatch" so that I can access the fuel tank that will be relocated to the rear. There is a TON of internal structure I still need to finish but that will come once the motors pulled and the body is pulled off the pan.

Will have plenty of motor clearance and plenty of compartment room to adjust carbs or whatever. More to come...
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