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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

IN trying to figure out how to make the decklid sturdy, ran across an old import hood that I cut out the underside and later attach to the skin of the decklid once I figure out the rolled edges of the skin.

Still need to do some trimming of the opening and figure out the channel to mount a seal.

After a few days of soaking all the hinges on the vert top frame (a real rusty piece of work), I started chopping down to match the chopped windshield frame. Decided to cut the vert frame down 3" and then come back to the windshield frame and cut it down further.
Here is the top folded down:

As you can see, there is a lot more rust damage to deal with later.

In order to accomodate for the forward placement of the vert top and the chopped windshield, it took FOREVER to figure out which bar to cut, which to leave alone. Still need to cut down the forward most bar and the two diagnal supports. The arch in the window opening will also need addressed.
Top up:

Also been messing with the fender to body lines. I think it will be interesting once all welded up...


Still alot of shaping and small stuff. Just trying to get the big parts figured out first, then tackle all the mundane later. Till next week.
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