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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

So back to the decklid finally. Been thinking about how to seal the decklid when closed. Found some pre-made u-channel from an old home furnace. Welded them to the outer structure of the opening. The seal is actually an old door seal!

Nothing fancy.

The old fender you see under the '37 fender was my first attempt at figuring out where to mount the '37 fender. It's just bolted on and I'll be coming back to that once the decklid is sorted.

Got the decklid skin mounted to the inner structure. Plenty of rigidity. Have a lot of clean up to do underneath but that will come. I bent the outer edges of the skin in and will come back and trim and spot weld it together.

Cut out the latch out of the '67 only decklid and welded that in. Now here is proof that I am not the BEST welder on the block. Great...a nice close of of my, what I like to call "globbing" technique. My real expertise is in grinding and filling followed by more grinding.

With the decklid closed, there is just enough "spring" in the seal so that when it latches (eventually) it will be nice and tight.

I also radiused the lower edges of the decklid skin. I'm going to weld a run of solid rod across the lower edge to finish it off. The above photo makes the top of the decklid look distorted, it must have been my crappy phone camera. Still need to finish the channeling and outer radius of the body skin. Next up.
Trimmed the long rear fender and filled in the old gas tank hole and the old butchered hole. The lower edge of the fender will get rolled under once I get it up off the ground.

On sunday, I'm going to take a stab at suiciding one of the doors. Mundo is coming out to help/supervise and learn what not to do when he gets to that phase on his truck project. Picked up a set of hinges off of craigslist. They came with the small bear claw latches and the safety solenoids. Should be an experience since I've never done suicide doors. Until then...
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