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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Added a little round stock to the lower edge of the trunk lid. Good thing as it really straightened things out.

Still some final welding but I'm liking the rolled edge. See that I have some hammer and dolly work. I'm sure there will be a lot of that after everything is welded.

Also cut out the fuel tank compartment. Will need to pick up a smaller tank as my compartment area is smaller than the original tank.

Now that I have access, I can finish off the firewall and get that attached to the trunk metal.

And thanks to Fernon and his detailed build thread especially the suicide doors, I had some really good reference material before starting the doors. Mundo came over and we managed to get one door hung. Still needs reinforced on the backside and some filler work, but she swings like a door should. Some minor tweaks and I'll be ready to tackle the front bear claws.

They swing a full 90 degrees. Still lots of clean up but I'm happy.

The rear door gap is spot on. I think just installing the hinges took about an hour to two to get to this point. Thanks again Fernon!!
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