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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Well I got the rear decklid idea transfered from Paint to metal. Contoured the outer corners to match the decklid and started in on the inside channel for the decklid seal.

A little closer showing the start of the seal channel.

Close the decklid to check fit...

Will need a little more adjusting but a good start. Have a little trimming to do to the center latch inside. I'll need to notch it a little to allow the decklid to completely close and latch. A simple fix but jut ran out of time.

From a little further away for comparison to the last posted update...

The other side with the bags aired out...

there is a considerable amount of inner structural work to be done to make everything solid. Once I figure out the location of te exhaust port, I'll pull the motor and start on the inner structure. A little backwards for some. I've seen people build the structure first, then skin. I chose to skin first. Probably making my life and progress more difficult but, eh..I'm having a great time!
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