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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Figured out how to get the rear decklid to latch closed. Took a little head scratching but after I found the right height, angle and set back for the latch, welded it on the frame structure adn started boxing it in.

The rear most frame section will get sheetmetal panels. Then another panel will bridge over to the engine cooling tin. Also got the rest of the weatherstrip channel in place. A little filler metal will be needed on the outside lower edge to fill the gap just below the latch.

The photo below, there is a HUGE dent in the sheet metal just above the latch. When I was hammering out the welds on the decklid skin, that appeared. Of course, it's right behind the inner structure so I'll be cutting out the inner structure and knocking that one out.

Bored with that, moved up to the gas tank door. Welded in some channel and extended the hinges to attach to the door skin. Aren't those pretty welds? HAHAHA!!

Still working on the open/close function without it hitting the body metal when opening. Will re-visit the hinge set up later. The skin got some round stock along the edge. Added some rigidity to the skin.


When closed, it will sit in flush.

The outer edge looks rough but once I'm done with the rest of the weather strip channel on the inside, that edge will clean up, not to mention add some rigidity to it as well.

I think it's turning out.
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