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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Took another approach to the gas tank door hinges. The first attempt really blew so in looking at the way the suicide hinges work,repositioned the hinges and went that route. Cut the old hinge system off, flipped some parts around and presto!

With everything just tacked, I now know where to permanently attach the new hinges to the gas tank access door. The square stock will be shaped to the hinges, but that's a small detail for later. You can also see in the below photo how the firewall is once again attached to the decklid skin.

It closes well and after hammering out the weld joints, the contour follows the deck body line.

The rear decklid corner was bothering me on the driver side as it was not sitting as flush with the skin. With a slight tweak to the rear round stock, I was able to get the decklid arch to follow the body a little better. Now it sits inside like I imagined. Still need to work the outer edges of the decklid but that will come.

Much happier.
Coming up, hang the passenger suicide hinges and start bracing them so they don't put too much stress on the B-pillar area. Follow that with front front latches and A-pillar striker posts.
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