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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Started in on the passenger side suicide hinge and the good luck fairy was just not with it today. When Ray and I hung the driver side door I thought, "eh, what's the big deal?" Well...after about 3X as long, I finally got it to close and swing. What a pain and thanks Ray for helping me out!

After all that work, now look at what I've done, put the doors are on backwards!

Just seems wrong, but I'm liking the idea. Oh, also pulled out the wing windows. Going one-piece door glass now.

Also spent a while shaving off the front drip rails in front of the doors. If anyone has given a thought to just "zippin' them off" for a smooth side panel....well, break out the welder 'cause they hold s*%t together.

At the end of today, Ray and I were standing back and pointing out all that's left or will remain from the original '67 bug body. There will be about 5-6" of the front quarter panel just in front of the doors, and about 12-16" of the rear quarter panes behind the doors. Pretty much everything else has either been cut off or changed out.

Kind of funny.
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