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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

With the suicide hinges in, it was time to move forward and tackle the striker post and bearclaw latches. In reverse order, and with some great reference material, found the proper placement and welded in the backing plates to the A-pillar. This was after I installed the bear claw latch in the door.

On the door side, with the bearclaw installed.

Once I had the door bearclaw installed, closed the door and marked out the A-pillar the opening. This gave me a center location for the stricker pin. Went pretty quickly. The striker post is adjustable so with a little alignment, the door closed and latched.

With the door closed the door aligns nicely with the front quarter in and out. Top to bottom will need a minor tweak to give the lower edge a better gap, but that's the lower suicide hinge:

Lots of patches to go to clean up everything, but again...a detail I will get back to once I have the doors operating properly.

This passenger door is the one causing grief. As I noted, I need to revisit the lower suicide hinge again. There appears to be flex in the lower hinge mount where it attaches to the door. Some bracing will be required. I braced the upper hinge so it's not moving, but there is a little flex in the lower hinge...not good. It too will need bracing before the convertible cross member gets attached to the B-pillars. Once this cross member is installed, it will eliminate much of the side to side flex.
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