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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

The plan sort of worked for the front quarter panel re-shaping. Used round stock to follow the contour of the hood side panels. Tacked that in. Then found I needed to add some additional framing inside, so did that.

There will be an "inner skin" behind the radius that will tie in and align to the top cowl section. That will come after the bracing is fully welded and sorted.
A slightly closer shot of the radius front quarter sheetmetal...

Once it's done, the lower edge of the radius will sit tight against the fender. Then the inner fenderwell will get completed.

With the side panel on:

The upper corner will need sorted but I like the fit of the side panel to the radius of the front quarter skin. The side panel appears a little too long compared to the top edge of the cowl. The side panel will need to shift forward some to give a little bigger gap.

Further away:

Now on to the other side and finish the inner frame structure. The hood will need some adjusting and a little trimming but I've been expecting that.
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