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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Finished the otherside of the front cowl.

Filled a couple of the holes in the A-pillar. Many more to go.

The rear fenders on the lower edges need fixed. The Driver side was GONE so used the pass side as a template...

Bent and welded a few things to make this:

There's a weird divot that was difficult to replicate but it's close enough. In these two photos, the running board is not sitting up where it will bolt. The lower flat part will get drilled for running board bolts.

Been thinking about how I want the front hood to open. Did a little searching and decided a forward tilting hood would be cool. So I started mocking. Did it wrong the first two/three times but it now opens and closes!

Really quite simple. This is the crudest form I came up with just to figure the geometry. There will be a rod going all the way across the underside of the hood that will replace the two stubs on the hood sides. The ends of the square tubing will be finished at a later date.

Now that it operates, I'll add another parallel strut so it opens equally. I'll need to give the current struts a slight forward bend so the hood will move further forward giving more clearance to the grill.

The rear edge of the hood will get a VW front hood pin and latch in the center, still need to figure out how to guide it in to the latch as it's closing. Otherwise it lines up nicely.

That's it for this weekend.
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