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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Finally picked up my new convertible top and frame.

Did you guess from a Miata? Yep! Doesn't fit surprisingly so...start cutting away stuff. Cut out the dash and the entire front cowl. the '37 Ford dash is going in so this step was planned. Sorry for the crummy photos:

Cut all across the front of the cowl and raked the entire windshield frame back about 4-5". The vert mounts at the body are just above the b-pillars and there was about 6-1/2" difference. The rake gave me 4-5". The Miata header bow will be reshaped to match that of the bug. The overall width of the Miata top at the rear is about 6" too wide for the bug body so the entire vert frame will need narrowed. The vert frame will get a "pinch" to the rear adn that should do it. The width above the windows and the front header bow are spot on so the header bow just needs re-shaped.

In doing the cut across the cowl and raking the windshield, it left about an inch gap in front of the frame, so fill that with a little metal. I did this so the bottom edge of the windshield stayed in line with the top so the glass and rubber will fit.

A profile comparsion of the newly raked windshield:

And after:

Need to go back and re-shape the top edges of the doors to follow the windshield but that's no big deal. Finish sitching the A-pillars and mocking up the Ford dash. No biggy.
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