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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Before it started getting really cold here in the Pacific NW, had a chance to start reshaping the front edges of the doors to follow the new angle of the windshield.

The purpose of the stick of metal hanging down keeps the bear claw lock unlocked.

Also started fitting the new Miata vert frame.
Narrowed the rear a smidge and started locating in the B-pillars. This is really rough but it's a start.

The front header bow will be extended and re-shaped.

The width at the front should work out fine.

Will be working on the pivot mounts on the B-pillars, then coming back to the windshield header bow. Crossing figures it will work. Then it will be back to the rear deck to reshape, re-angle and re-work once more to pull it all together.
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