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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Worked on the pivot point mount for the Miata top. Moved the top forward so they are in the right position. I have a ton of reinforcement to do on the inner quarter panels, suicide hinges and the vert top mounts.

It opens and closes like butter. One hand.

Also ground down the welds at the front edge of the doors.

The bug vert radius at the rear is much different. You can see the frame drops in a different arch. I will need to reshape the rear deck to follow the new top arch across the back. Also need to delete the parcel tray from the vert section installed originally. The rod coming off the top is about the length of the new windshield bow. Unfortunately, there is no way to get it to drop below the bodyline when closed.

What good came of this is I will be able to re-contour the rear bodyline up higher so the top edges of the doors will flow right in to the higher bodyline. On this profile shot, you can see the top edge of the door will meet up with the rear deck skin. It will also hide more of the vert frame when closed.

The other side.

Basically the entire vert upper parcel tray thing will be cut out. This new hole will allow me to fit my gas tank in under the tank opening. Should be slick.

To save my chrome wheels from welding and grinding sparks, I pulled them off and put on the old 165/15 on the front.

And aired down and put away for the day.

This coming week will be dedicated to inner structure and re-shaping the new opening along the top rear deck.
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