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Default Beam Extender Install Walkthrough

Alright Figured I would post my pics and give a detailed description of how to install a dbug41 beam extender. This is a balljoint-balljoint extender. If you are doing a linkpin suspension install may be different.

You will Need:
A socket set
1/2", 4" long grade 8 bolts x 4 $1.84each Home depot
1/2", grade 8 nuts x 4 $0.50each Home depot
1/2", thick washers x 8 $0.88/3 in bag Home depot
1/2", thick split washers x 4 $0.38each Home Depot
Red Loctite approx $5.49 for a tube.

first loosen tie rods from steering box.

jack up the frame or the car and now remove tires.

Next loosen and remove four bolts holding front beam onto pan. Caution beam will fall, so make sure you have a jack/or support of some kind under the beam as it is heavy. I used a tire.

This is what it should look like without the beam attached.

Now bolt your extender to the pan. you will use the bolts that came out of the beam originally.

Now get your bolts ready to bolt the beam to the extender. Bolts should be mounted as follows, starting from top of bolt to nut. Bolt, Split washer, thick washer, through beam and extender, thick washer, and then the nut. I also recommend threading with Red Loctite so the for sure won't move. Once bolted up it should look like this.......(Note: it's easier to put bottom half of beam into extender first then rock it up into the top part of the extender)

now all that is left to do is put the tires back on, bolt the tie rods back onto the steering box, and reconnect your steering damper. should look like this......

All finished. I think I'm in love hahahaha
Beer is the what was the question?

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