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Default question about tire sizes
Re:: what size do you use and why?   

I recently got an old project of mine back, its a 66 bug that was wrecked, I started to make a volks rod out of it 5 or 6 years ago, but health problems came up so I sold it, well the guy I sold it to sold it back to me last week, and since I got the old health thing under control me and my sons have stared back on it. My question is about rear tires, I want to run the stock 165/80/15 on the front, but am some what unsure what I need on the back, I want something with some width, but not sure how tall I can get away with. The car is a 1966, 1300 all stock, I will be running dual exhaust, and will maybe update the carb, I know some of the older bug had steeper gears than the newer ones but I'm not sure where the break is. So the question is what size do you run and why? thanks!
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