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Default Re: Yeah, I funding did that...!

Thanks brother! I was diagnosed with PTS in '83 when at the urging of Sherrie, I finally saw someone at the VA. Back then, the doc referred me to a free group therapy...that was about it.
When Obama became president, things changed. He cut loose millions to the VA that the previous administration had been holding back. Very soon after that, I received a phone call from the VA and within a year of interviews..etc..began receiving a 30% disability for PTS and tinnitus, later upgraded to 70%.
So, thank you for standing up for us.

For my shoulder and back I take powered ginger. It's a natural anti-inflammatory, is cheap at the health food stores, and as far as I can tell, has no side effects. It takes a couple of weeks to get into your system, and has really helped me with the pain. I mix a quarter tea spoon into hot tea once a day.
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