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Default Re: shot bag and hammers

What Ron said... I've seen some folks do the Tank bottoms as well... Sand is cheaper... but don't use it... It's not about the mess. It's about Silicosis... Look it up on the wweb and how you get and and how you can't get rid of it... You'll understand quickly...

If you're anywhere near Roselle in Illinois, Go To and find the store address and go pick up some steel shot... It's not that expensive and usually they'll have broken bags they'll let go pretty cheap as well... it's heavy for it's size...

Shot bags that are worth a damn... Buy from Wray Shellin... Nice bags, need to fill them though... he explains how to do it... and if you want you can do even better than he does... He has a few different sizes.

I've heard good and bad about shot bags though. some people say it's more work because you have to move the shot with each strike of the hammer... if you use a Donut (or tank bottom or stump or whatever else works...) it's only moving the metal and is less physically demanding. There's a guy selling a delrin piece he calls a tuck puck as well... light weight portable and does the same thing as a stump or donut...Basically a plastic stump... LOL

I like Ron's Lay up Log as well... glue up some 2x12's and dish 'em out... it works and can be customized to your liking as well...
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