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How much lowering do you expect this trailingarm flip will give you?
I have concidered to do it too. Would be nice to know how low you need to go to get the Chamber correct.

Awesome How-to pictures! [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/bowdown.gif[/img]

well, the flipped trailing arms doesn't really lower the car any more than you could do just by moving it like lormal... the flip keeps the rear wheels vertical...

Unfortunately I won't know until I get the motor tranny and body back on the frame to load it up... which will be a while :( But just as a guess as it sits right now it's going to need to be lowered al least one more inner notch to sit correctly.. or rather, to pull the wheels 'in' to vertical. I can look at the drums right now (unloaded) and they sit outward at the top at about 3.5 degrees.

so basically long story short, gonna have to wait till I get it put back together some more to really see exactly how much, but I know with all the mods I made to the bumpstops, springplates and whatnot, I can go ALOT lower and still have a good amount of suspension travel, AND vertical rear wheels.
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