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Default Re: I ainít dead yet, making a truck.

The ATF/Acetone cocktail is great for "right this minute" once you mix it/shake it up... the ATF is pretty good on it's own... but when you leave it sitting, it separates, and becomes a different cocktail... It takes a little while but an hour of sitting and the stuff is usually pretty separated...

Acetone in and of itself is great for what you're doing, with the exception of how fast it tends to evaporate... The ATF is thin and penetrates places fairly well, so what you're doing is thinning it a little more with the acetone and once in, it works it's magic (Acetone breaking down gunk and ATF Lubricating the area) and makes it easier to move seized screws and stuff... So Soaking is OK generally due to the fact that the separation floats the ATF on the Acetone(I believe)... Still a good mix though... anything that helps is a plus with old, seized parts.
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