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Default Re: led's won't flash

There's a way to wire them and they'll work correctly... I'm not an electronics expert but I have been playing with capacitors and resistors a little bit building guitar amps and cigar box guitars, etc.

There was a time when I was terribly interested in LED technology and had a bookmark to a Japanese website. The site's no longer there but with the majic of the WAYBACK MACHINE we can still obtain some information. appears to be back up but I can no longer locate the LED information. Anyone understand Japanese?

"Don't touch my mustache" is all I know. DOMO.*/

Here's the page with the LED info

This array of five LEDs and a 300 Ohm resistor, you could arrange as many arrays as needed, add in the resistors and it should flash properly???

Maybe you could give it a try and tell up what happens.

DISCLAIMER - I am not responsible for unexplained fires, be careful testing this stuff!
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