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Default Re: I ainít dead yet, making a truck.

Hereís the what Iíve done so far.

Took apart the carb to see whatís going on with it. Turns out only the bottom plate is what is seized.

Hereís the photos I took of it after itís first chem bath. The bottom plate I let soaked in a stainless steel bowl of acetone and ATF.
After a few hours of working on it I got the main body of the carb cleaned up nicely and pumping cleanly. So it was pumping cleaner through it.

But I still wasnít out of the woods yet as that bottom plate was still locked up tighter than NYC. I let it soak in the red cocktail for a bit and took a rubber mallet it to and I got it freed up the butterflies began to move and I loosened up everything. Another chem bath and it cleaned up nicely. There was still the part that connects to the choke via a lever that was seized up but letting it soak over night in the ATF cocktail and a bit of percussive influencing loosened it up.

Not sparklingly clean but when I took apart the insides were remarkably clean as is. The brass float wasnít tarnished at all and no signs of gas residue. Not bad for something sitting for longer than Iíve been alive.
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