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Default Re: I ainít dead yet, making a truck.

Sadly the boom box doesnít have a name. Itís just been My stereo

From 2 ive been working away. First off the Millermatic works great with fluxcore. But as youíll see what Iím welding isnít that great.
First problem was getting a ground.

But a dollar store crowbar did the trick! Also I needed a brush but I looked down and found this growing out of the ground

Worked a treat, also I had to realign the upper with the bottom so I wedged in the crowbar
This was a one handed affair as I had to apply pressure to the crowbar while welding to keep it aligned. It wasnít perfect but fuck it.

The task ahead.

Now we get to the Ďfuní part.

Fluxcore isnít pretty but it doesnít give a fuck what itís welding.

We have sleet coming because itís Minnesota and itís Ďspringí so I had to quickly grind down the welds on the door frame.

But the door actually shuts nicely now!
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