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Default Re: S#!T Stain on a Monet

Wasn't sure where to put this picture, so why not here
On February 3rd I was going to pick up my son after work, it was about 6:15 pm, when I got around 2 miles away from the house I noticed the moon in the sky, it was real low & was also a full moon, I only had my phone camera on me, I tried to get a picture of it, I just couldn't hold my phone still long enough to get a decent picture
So the next morning February 4th when I got home from taking my wife to work, I decided to get out our good camera & get a picture of the full moon, after 3 attempts I finally decided to go get the tripod, I just couldn't hold the camera still in order to get a decent picture
Here is the result with it zoomed in as much as possible at 6:20 am

After looking on the web, I read that Jupiter was also visible in the sky & it was behind the moon, I'll hafta find those pictures on my phone & post later, in a few of those pics you can see what appears to be another moon, but it's Jupiter, at least I think it's Jupiter

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