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Default Re: Traditional Truck Rod

Originally Posted by speedbug78 View Post
Been thinking about this, so help me out. I like the look of the trucks that are chopped close behind the door (like at the rear window). I think that will mean I need to extend a foot box into the engine bay and not have a flush firewall? If so, I'm willing to do that. If not, what am I missing?
Just as a reference. I'm 5'11" my floor is about 2.5" higher than stock, and my seat bottom is about 2" off the floor with a 4" thick cushion. My pedal position is about the same as it was in stock form. I have more room in the footwell because I cut the wheel arch out and squared out that area. The below picture gives you an idea of where my seat sits. If I sit in my seat and stretch my legs out they I have just enough room for my feet to touch the firewall. This puts my seat back just behind my b pillar.

If you wanted to go flush firewall then you would need to move everything back and cut behind the b pillar. If you work with the footwell area then you might be able to cut right behind the b pillar. The advantage to that is you keep part of the hood functional and you have a good place to stick all your wiring and battery.

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