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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

i have made a little progress on the Bug, not to much, i do have the rear axle all mocked up, brackets tack welded and it is ready to be finish welded
im just waiting to get some coil over shocks to have everything to finish it
i need to add some angle braces to the frame as well, other than that all the rest involves mounting the body, putting in the floor boards, firewall, wiring and seats, all the easy stuff

i did however find some old pictures, and i thought i would post them now, they are pictures of my very 1st car, which was a 1972 VW beetle, my rail buggy which i built in 1990, it is a Berrien Buggy 902 long back, was the kit, everything was cut, bent and notched, all ya had to do is put it together and weld it
then a picture of my 12 second grocery getter, was a 1974 Olds Cutlass with 455 ci 400 turbo transmission, my wife and I raced it on Friday nights

the pictures are in sad shape, most of our pictures got ruined in a house fire back in 96

heres a few pictures
my 1st Bug taken in '82 when i was 16

my rail buggy/ lumber rack (has made a nice lumber steel rack for the past 10 years) i cleaned it off for the picture, you can see the '66 right before i started it

the 12 second "Great White" as we named it
you can also see another of my VW's in this shot, it is a '74 standard Bug, the Riviera was mine as well, picture was taken in summer of '88

thats it for now, next weekend i should have some progress pictures of the VW, maybe i will have it able to start by then
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