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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

well i havent done much at all on the Bug, but what i have done is make a few changes, which im sure will go on as i continue

im gonna be going back to a V8, just not the big 455 Olds motor, instead im gonna put in a small block Ford, it came out of my wifes '81 Mustang which was also a 12 second car (1/4 mile) i didnt build the motor, i bought the car for her the way it was, anyhow the guy who did build it built it for racing, i forget what all he did to it as its been 12 years since ive seen or talked to him, all i know is he had it bored over, how much i forget, has an Edelbrock carb and intake, different cam, headers and a bunch of other goodies i cant remember, he also had a bunch of work done to the C4 automatic trans

the car went 0-60 in just under 4 seconds, 3.9 i believe it was, it was almost like getting hit in the rear while at a dead stop by a car going 60 (if you can imagine that)

i need to change the cross member location and build different motor mounts as im gonna move the motor back a few inches

i did start to make the floor pans and the firewall, im glad i didnt start welding any of it in because of the motor change, here are a few pictures of the floor, which is being made from other car parts - roof sections, hoods, all out of my S10 Blazer that i totaled this past Jan, plus i have a few other S10 hoods and roof sections to use if i need more

yes im cheap and on a fixed income and with all the health problems i have, i cant spend much at all on the car without compromising my health, and im never gonna do that or ill never live to finish it

i havent done anything at all since July 28th when i re injured my shoulder, i have both sides in bad shape, my rotator cuffs are shredded and the doctors are afraid to do surgery because of all my organ transplants, i was told i need to wait till the completely break, will i think i am almost there, i did it trying to move the engine hoist around with the Ford motor on it, i did have it in and removed it to start on the motor mounts and such

enough talk, heres a few pics of the floor, maybe more to show after August is over and i can move again

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