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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

been about 2 weeks,

i have slowly raise the body off the frame rails, after removing the front sheet metal and rear sheet metal (fenders & aprons) took a while to get it up high enough to roll the frame out from under it, was a 2 man job, one to lift the front then the rear while the other sets concrete blocks and small pieces of 4x4's under it

BTW someone posted a website on here a while back of a body rotisserie or something, but anyhow they had (on the website) a piece that was made to fit the end of your shop crane/lift so's you can remove the body, well i had just the piece of square tubing to make myself one of these, in this picture its the blue part stickin in the hydraulic lift (mines gonna be green) i hope to get it finished before i hafta remove the body again

anyhow if i can find the website agin ill post it here

as for the car, i need to flip the frame over so i can weld up the bottom, but im gonna try to do some overhead welding and if thats not to tough on me (layin on my back with stick welder just aint my cup o tea, i have enough touble welding with sticks standing or sitting, you know, cause the rod gets shorter and my depth perception just aint good at all)

back to the car, i have a buncha pictures showing progress and then some shots of the work done, the rear where the back seat was lookin at the underside of it, some shots of different sections of the frame

ill just post the pictures




and away

a few random shots of the frame

can still see the bracing from when it was a hood from my truck

the front end which is far from being finished or started

thats about it for now

same Bug time, same Bug channel, more to come in a few weeks

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