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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

everyone, another fabulous friday is here, looks like the rain has stopped, and im feeling a little better, (battled Arthur all day yesterday, he won i didnt leave the couch most of the day and night) it rained rain drops the size of white kitchen garbage bags last night, one of the hardest rains i can remember, but then again i have C.R.S. (cant remember shit)

ok so a few weeks have past and i have gotten a few things done, almost finished with the rear end of the body, filled in the area the rear apron and the top of the deck lid opening, have some other sheet metal to fill in on the sides, its coming together purty good

then im gonna start on the fuel tank and radiator

i hope by July i can get the brakes all plumbed up and working, im still working on fab'ing the mount for the pedal assembly and master cylinder which im mounting under the floor board on the frame rail

a few pictures

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