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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

so i mounted the radiator in the rear, i have some 1-7/8 inch tube to get the coolant from front to rear, i will need to bend one piece to go over the rear axle for the bottom radiator hose and bend the other so it points upward towards the top of the radiator, i will work out something for heat much later,
i also have an electric fan i need to mount onto the radiator as well

i hope this weekend i can get the gas tank mounted, should be an easy job, i just need to cut off a couple pieces and drill holes then weld them in, you can almost see the gas tank in front of the radiator, if you look at the sides of the radiator you can see the ends of the tank sticking out


thats it until i get the master cylinder and pedal mount fab'd up and mounted

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