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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

well so now i have the master cylinder bracket made, mounted but nit hooked up to brake lines yet, maybe i wll get that finished this weekend, i have all the lines made up flared with all the nuts on, i just gotsa bend em up, hook em up and bleed em

i didnt take one picture of the mount i made for the pedals and master cylinder, but i decided to weld it in instead of bolting it, woulda been a real pain in the ass to drill a few holes thru the frame tubing with the tranny and engine installed and i dont wanna take em out for 2 holes
now i did get a few pictures of it on, 1st without the pedals on, then again with the pedals on, it has an automatic transmission in it right now, but someday i plan to change over to a 4 speed, you will see the cltch pedal in the pictures

i also took a few pics of how i plan to do the exhaust, im gonna cut the headers i have, then im gonna try to bend up some elbows and whatever else i may need to get the headers to come out just behind the front tires and go thru the front fender, either stop there of may end up running them all the way down to the rear fenders, i may leave chrome pipe or make some covers for them, you know, the kind that kinda look like the guns, it will be easyer to make those than louvers cause i dont have a louver punch, and i dont care to make one just yet

i also hafta make me a new thermostate housing, the one on this engine sticks straight up, im gonna need it to point either straight forward or slightly point downward to hook up the the pipes below carrying the coolant to and from the radiator, so it looks like im gonna hafta dig out my metal casting furnace and make me a pattern out of wood and sand cast a new housing the way i want it, i have a few other small parts i may need to cast, but ill wait till i getthat far before i bring it up as i may find another way

ok, so here are a few pictures, ill let them do the talking, i also added a few of how i raise and lower the body onto the frame, i need to build me a better body lifting jig for my engine crane

pics of M/C mount with no pedals

with pedals

this something like how i plan on doing my headers, i may stop them there, or run em just past the doors or to the rear fenders, hafta wait and see
that piece is what i ran on my rail buggy, it has a spark arrestor on the end, but i only used it when off roading, i drove it on the street with nothing, no baffle or anything, and in my oppinion it is the best sounding header i have ever bought for a type 1 VW engine, you can still see the mud on it from the last time i drove the rail in the woods after a rainy day, see the mud

can see all the room i have to make headers fit

here is how i raise the body up and down, slow process
lift the front

and the rear

and one day when i get my originaal deck lid straightened out i will be putting it back on, i used this one so i could weld the rear apron section on and get it as straight as possible, the original is bent up a bit

here you can see the theromostate housing i need to replace, needs to point either straught forward, ot forward and down just a bit

untill next time, hope i have the steering all hooked up and maybe a good start on the headers by then, but i need to start fixing an oil leak in my Eldorado, soon as i finish the Bug my son will get the Caddy to drive to and from school till he graduates, and yup, the Bug will become my Daily Driver, im lucky to put 25 miles on a car a week, i gotta be real careful driving now, my $20,000 a tear drug habit (doctor perscribed) has some side effects that make it difficult for me to drive much more than 10 - 15 miles at one time, see i have this button on my ass, and when its pushed in (sitting pushes it in) my eyes tend to take extra long blinks after about 15 - 20 minutes, tell ya, it sure makes driving tough with your eyes closed, i mean ya just cant see shit
thats why im extra careful when it comes to my driving, if i feel the least bit tired or having a bad day and just dont feel like my ussual self i wont drive at all, but most places i go are less than 10 miles from my house, so im good, except my mom, she lives about 12.5 miles away, i need a green card and a doctors note to drive that far

well thats it i promise, at least untill i have more finished on this thing

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